My Toronto / TorCon Vacation in 2003

My 2003 summer vacation was a visit to Toronto, the site of TorCon, the 61st World Science Fiction Convention. Here are some of the pictures I took.

While I was in Toronto I stayed at the Royal York, one of the offical hotels for TorCon.

This is a sculpture on the side of Toronto SkyDome, the home of the Blue Jays baseball team.

One of the entrances to the SkyDome. Toronto Blue Jays logos are visible.

This is a picture on the CN Tower from the ground.

The roof of the SkyDome from the top of the CN Tower. I normally try to attend a local baseball game when I am visiting a city, but the Blue Jays weren't at home while I was in Toronto.

A shot to the west from the top of the CN Tower.

This is a picture of the buildings around the Royal York Hotel, which is located in the lower-right of this shot.

A shot to the north from the top of the CN Tower.

A shot to the east from the top of the CN Tower. The Air Canada Centre, the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, is visible in bottom of the picture.

Picture of a small commuter airport to the south of CN Tower.

This is the first of my pictures from my visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame. This picture is from inside a re-creation of the locker room of the Montreal Canadiens.

Another picture of the locker room.

Memorabilia for Gorde Howe and Bobby Orr.

I believe the top trophy is a replica of the original Stanley Cup. The bottom thingy is a set of rings that have been removed from the Cup to keep it from being completely unwieldy.

The Stanley Cup was being displayed at the Hall of Fame while I was there. This angle doesn't show the armed guard.

And did you know that the Stanley Cup is the only major team sports award given to the players, not to the team organization.

The Great One. (For the hockey impaired, that's Wayne Gretsky.)

Olympic medals.

The old observatory building at the University of Toronto, now used for other purposes.

A T-Rex skeleton at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Here are some pictures from the exhibit area at TorCon.

These were the tables of the commitees bidding for the 2006 Worldcon. The rocketship-emblazed banner is next to the table of the Los Angeles (actually Anaheim) group who were the eventual winners.

Each year the World Science Fiction Convention presents the Hugo Awards for the best acheivments in science fiction and fantasy from the previous year. This award is voted on by the attendees of the convention.

This and the next three pictures show the various forms the award itself has taken over the years.

The Hugo Award is composed of two pieces. The unchanging part of the design is the rocketship, although it is not always silver. To this is added a base designed by the commitee running the current convention.

More Hugos.

More Hugos.

It's me.

A picture looking out of the convention center. The World Science Fiction Society banner is hanging at the center.

©2003-2004 Joe Pearce. All rights reserved.

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