Denver in 2008 (Denvention 3 - 66th Worldcon)

Pictures from Denver in 2008 where I attended Denvention 3, the 66th Worldcon.

Artist Guest of Honor Rick Sternbach.

The design for the Hugos presented at the Yokahama Worldcon (Nippon 2008).

Model of the Battlestar Galactica.

Model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

Connie Willis reading Robert Heinlein's Guest of Honor speech from Denvention I in 1941.

It's a rain-out at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rookies of Major League Baseball.

A view from Coors Field -- I had a lot of time to take pictures waiting the game to be not played.

One of the entrances to Coors Field.

Inside Coors Field.

Inside Coors Field.

Inside Coors Field.

A panel at Denvention 3.

Why is there a sculpture of a large bear peering into the convention center?

The day after the rain-out I was able to attend the make-up game.

Inside Coors Field in the daylight.

A colorful bear-seller at Coors Field.

Outside of Coors Field.

Outside of Coors Field.

Outside of Coors Field.

A panel at Denvention 3.

It's that bear again.

Denvention 3 was held at the Colorado Convention Center.

The "far-side" of the Colorado Convention Center, away from the main entrance.

Running by the convention center is Cherry Creek, which empties into the South Platte River (see below).

Cherry Creek again.

Cherry Creek again.

The Colorado State Captitol building as seen from the convention center.

Fredrick Pohl discusses his collaboration with Arthur C. Clarke on The Last Theorem, Clarke's last book.

Two small models: a pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey and a bridge workstation from Star Trek.

Various small models from Battlestar Galactica.

A dinosaur costume.

Colorado State Captitol building close-up.

A copy of the Liberty Bell.

A flag at the War Memorial Park.

Two complementary statues at Civic Center Park: an American Indian and a cowboy.

Civic Center Park.

An odd piece of art in front of the Denver Art Museum: a big broom and dustpan.

An art piece on top of the Denver Art Museum.

The connecting walkway between the two buildings comprising the Denver Art Museum.

Entrance to the Denver Art Museum.

South Platte River.

South Platte River.

This is where Cherry Creek merges with the South Platte River.

The South Platte River.

In the distance are Six Flags Elitch Gardens and Broncos Stadium.

An aquarium I visited.

A turtle at that aquarium.

Sharks at that aquarium.

Union Station.

Horses tied-up downtown.

I was really there in Denver. It's my shadow!

And I end with a photo taken my mistake.

©2008 Joe Pearce. All rights reserved.

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