My 2004 Summer Vacation: Boston and Noreascon 4

My 2004 summer vacation was spent in Boston attending the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention, Noreascon 4. Here are the pictures I took while there.

As I sit here filling in the comments, I realize it has been almost two years since my visit. Some of my recollections may be faulty...

Update: I hade incorrectly identified the Old State House as another building. This has been fixed.

This is a picture of the Back Bay Fen through which the Muddy River flows. This is located between the hotel I stayed at and Fenway Park.

The Boston Conservatory is a performing arts college. This is the front entrance.

Trinity Church near Copley Square.

I think this is the Boston Public Library.

The next two pictures of the Arlington Street Church.

Here is the lower part of the building.

This is the Emmanuel Church which also has music programs.

An interesting mural on the side of a building over a parking lot.

Homes along Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

A statue of William Lloyd Garrison found on Commmonwealth Avenue Mall. He was the editor of the "radical" abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator.

First Babtist Church.

A sculpture by Ralph Helmick of the late Arthur Fiedler, long-time conductor of the Boston Pops.

The Fiedler sculpture is near the Hatch Shell, an amphitheater when the Pops would sometimes play.

Cheers (formerly the Bull & Finch Pub) is the exterior of the bar from Cheers. The interior has nothing in common.

In the Public Gardens at one end of the Commonwealth Avenue Mall is this statue of George Washington by Thomas Bell.

A swan boat touring the pond in the Public Gardens.

The Massachusetts State House. Note that this is the "new" state house built in 1795. There is an Old State House also!

The Frog Pond in at the Boston Common.

This is the Old State House, built in 1713. It is the oldest surviving public building in the city and played an important role in the forming of United States. More information about this building can be found on the The Bostonian Society website.

This cemetery dating from 1660 is burial site of many patriots (like Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, John Handcock, etc.) plus victims of the Boston Massacre. The grounds are officially called the Old Granary Burying Ground.

Graves inside the grounds.

Graves inside the grounds.

Outside of the New England Aquarium. The next three picture are from inside.


A four-story tank of various ocean fish. There is a constant circular flow of water in the tank.

A tortoise.

Next to the Aquarium building is the Discovery, a floating home to performing sea lions.

I noticed this interesting building in the distance (on the right), so I took a picture.

The Cobb's Hill Burying Ground, which is along the "Freedom Trail." The next seven pictures are from various locations along that trail.

The exterior of the Old North Church.

The interior of the Old North Church. Note the early-style American flag in the upper-left.

A statute of Paul Revere in James Rego Square (aka Paul Revere Mall).

St. Stephen's Church.

A plaque on the Church mentions that this was where Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was both baptised and had a funeral mass.

Paul Revere's house. Unfortunately taking pictures inside was frowned upon.

This bell was cast by Paul Revere & Son in Boston in 1802.

A sculpture of the Tortoise and the Hare by Nancy Schön. Located at Copley Square, it represents the finish line of the Boston Marathon

The Boston Red Sox were home during my visit. As a baseball fan I had to attend a game in the venerable Fenway Park. Oddly enough, the visiting team was from my home area: the Anaheim Angels (now the bizarrely-named Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim).

Here is a close-up shot of Fenway's famous left-field wall, the Green Monster.

A picture of the luxury boxes behind home plate.

A picture of right-field.

A shot of the first-base seats. My seat was located just to the left of the right-most green pylon.

A view of the entire infield.

In this picture from the stands behind home plate you. The green pylon is the one next to my seat.

And a shot from my seat before the start of the game.

The center-field bleachers and the video scoreboard

A mid-game shot of the Green Monster and it's manually-operated scoreboard. The Red Sox are up in the bottom of the 4th inning.

For the record Boston won the game and, later, the World Series.

This picture of the World Science Fiction Society banner indicated we have entered the convention part of the pictorial.

A costume of a Discworld troll. Appropriate since the Guest of Honor was Terry Pratchett.

A dining area outside of The Mended Drum, which the name of an infamous drinking establishment on Discworld. And yes indeed, alchoholic drinks were available in the Drum.

Another troll outside the entrace to The Mended Drum.

A picture of the Dealer's Room.

The participants at a panel "Saluting Jack Williamson: Eight Decades and Counting." From left to right are Eleanor Wood, Scott Edelman, Larry Niven, Mike Resnick, Jim Frenkel (standing), Joe Siclari (hidden), Melinda Snodgrass, David G. Hartwell, Connie Willis and Frederik Pohl. Jack Williamson attended by phone from his home in New Mexico.

A Chinese dragon costume that appeared in a previous Worldcon costume contest (commonly known in fandom as a masquerade).

Two of the three "mascots" for the convention. Actually, the third character (a teen-aged boy) is also in the picture, but his cutout is turned away from the camera.

A gryphon.

The road by the entrance to the Hynes Convention Center

Finally, a statue near the convention center.

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