A Pictorial Retrospective of The Dreamers Guild

I and some friends formed a company named The Dreamers Guild in 1991. Our hope was to create a new kind of computer game company -- one where the employees would have a say in the evolution of the company. Unfortunately, the company was not a financial success, but still it was a worthy attempt. (I do not attribute its failure to the goals we originally set.) Below I present a few pictures from brighter times at The Dreamers Guild.

The original founders of the company celebrating the signing of the incorporation papers.
(June 4, 1991)
That's me on the far right.

The company staff about six months after the move to the Chatsworth office.
(Early 1994)

This staff picture was taken at the time of most promise for the company.
(May 19, 1995)
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Front row (sitting/kneeling), left to right: April Skinas, Walt Hochbrueckner, Paul van Schlifgaarde, Cheryl Acker, Steven NcNally, Talin, James Phillipsen, Sharon McIntyre, Jeff Greenberg, Miguel Muñoz, Christy McDonald, Erik Bethke, [woman in red blouse], Jack Russell.
Front row (standing), left to right: Steve Jasper, Divendra Sharma, Glenn Price, Jhoneil Centano, Lawrence Schwedler, Joe Pearce (me!), Rebecca Christel, Lisa Jennings (face covered by logo), Zach Drummond, Alex Sherman, Shelly Garcia, Craig Winter, April Lee, David McLean, Brad Schneck.
Back rows, left to right: John Bolton, Bill Simpson, Frank Cartwright, David Richey, Sean Dumas, [unrecognizable man behind Jhoneil], Alan Rathelli, Bill Drury, Diane Cooper, Robert Miles, Michael McNally, Allison Hershey (barely visible over my left shoulder), [unknown man in front of Brett], Brett Cook (highest up), Heather Anderson, Ed Lacabanne, Bob Leh, Mark Iennaco, Richard Pferdner, Chris Felts, Lance Watanabe, Rafael Navarro, [unrecognizable man behind Shelly], Jim Daniel, Bob Wiggins, Jim Browne, Daryl Phillips, Steve Hunter.
Not shown: John Clarke, Al Gomez, Sam Calis, Michal Todorovic, Gene Turnbow, Evan Olson.
Only in 1994 picture: Nathan Simpson (back row, center), Takashi Kurosaki (2nd from left in middle row).
Others in 1991 picture: Ken Jordan & Robert McNally & Mike Berro (left), Joe Burks & John Maffei & Dan Pinal (behind Paul holding document).
Finally, no employee or contractor of the company hired after May 19, 1995 is mentioned here (I think).

One of the sadder events was when Robert McNally, the main driving force in forming The Dreamers Guild in the first place, decided to leave the company to seek greener pastures. (In retrospect I should have left at that time too -- but hindsight is 20-20...) I have two pictures from the "good-bye" lunch the company held.