Conucopia (1999 NASFiC)

Whenever the annual WorldCon occurs outside of North America, a second convention is held in North America. This is called the "North American Science Fiction Convention" or "NASFiC". The 1999 NASFiC was held in Anaheim, adjacent to the site where the 1996 WorldCon. (The 1996 WorldCon was where Melbourne was selected as the site for the 1999 WorldCon.)

This NASFiC was held one week before the WorldCon, and many people going to AussieCon decided to attend Conucopia also. Many people had flights to Australia that started from Los Angeles International Airport, so the idea of attending both conventions seemed like a good idea :)

Only a couple pictures are presented here. I am still working on the pictures of people who were panelists.

Conucopia was held at the Anaheim Marriott.

A picture of the main ballroom where this evening gathering took place.

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