Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef

The highest priority on my list of things to do in Australia was to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef.

I did not actually stay in Cairns, but instead took up residence at a "apartment-style" hotel named The Reef Resort located in the northern beach town of Palm Cove.

From inside my apartment. Nifty, huh?

On the pier waiting to begin the catamaran ride to the Great Barrier Reef.

Looking back at the beach on the way to the reef.

Approaching the reef.

The observation platform.

The observation platform seen from above. (No, I didn't take this picture.)

On the observation platform.

Others swimming with the fishes. And giant clams. And sea anemones. And... oh you get the picture.

Feading the fishes.

Feading the fishes as seen from below decks.

Another boat returning to Cairns.

And another boat returning to Cairns.

At lot of boats returning to Cairns. Apparently there is a thin sea lane for boats going in and out of Cairns. I assume it exists to protect the reef.

Cairns from the sea.

"All ashore" -- and then a bus back to Palm Cove.

Was a ticket to ride.

The beach was within 200 feet my apartment. The water was very smooth because of the reef. It was possible to really swim.

A view of some little islands and the pier where I left from for the reef trip.

Finally, what's a tropical paradise without a coconut.

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