Touring Alice Springs

One problem with my trip to Australia was its short duration -- I was unable to visit Uluru (aka Ayers Rock).

Instead, I had a short stay in Alice Springs, which at least partially met my need to visit the "Red Center."

My home base in Alice Springs was The Territory Inn.

The main drag.

A historic building in Alice Springs town center: Adelaide House.

Sometimes there is a river near Alice Springs -- just not now.

Making the rounds: this bus can take tourists to some of the many attractions.


Old trains.

Inside a train (pic 1).

Inside a train (pic 2).

Do-it-yourself motor-home, Outback-style.

Turn-of-the-(20th)-century cars.

Classic (?) motorcycles.

A plugger's trailer truck :)


Another plane.

And another plane.


A sacred hill.

Grave of the famous Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira.

(Thanks to person who sent the anonymous Bit Zone comment about the Namatjira web page.)

The original Alice Springs: the telegraph station.

A war memorial atop a hill south of downtown. (Why was the picture taken at an angle? Ah...)

Downtown Alice Springs (from the war memorial hill).

The pass into Alice Springs (in the distance, as seen from the war memorial hill).

Entrance to the camel farm.

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